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Shakira Thrives in 2016

2016 has been good so far to our favorite bilingual pop star Shakira. Besides her usual album sales beyond most of our imaginations, she has seen her single “Try Everything” nominated for the Teen Choice FOX Awards, watched her boyfriend Gerard Pique find new fame through controversy on Spain’s national football (soccer) team, and found her philanthropic efforts toward education and fitness thrive alongside her single “La Bicicleta.”

Currently Shakira urges fans to vote for her single “Try Everything” in the Teen Choice FOX Awards. Featured in the film Zootopia, the upbeat song is made to inspire and educate within the context of the movie and outside it. This is not unlike the more recent single “La Bicicleta,” or “The Bicycle.” Sung in Spanish so targeted toward Latin American audiences, the music video includes a Zumba routine. 

In a concert in Argentina, Shakira and a team of dancers led the crowds in the routine. Fans reported being excited about Zumba as a connection with music and as fitness, which is in line with Shakira’s philanthropic goals to promote development and education across the world.

Not everything has been perfect for Shakira this year. Her most recent troubles originate with her boyfriend of six years and the father of her two children. Gerard Pique came under fire for being anti-patriotic on the Spanish national football team. Despite this, Shakira inspires by remaining supportive and focusing on Pique’s successes, since on the field they are many.

Currently Shakira travels around Europe, as evidenced by her social media activity. Days ago she posted a picture of herself by the giant, 2,000kg statue of a baby’s head in Madrid. Before that she posed on a bicycle in France, a not-so-subtle reference to “La Bicicleta.” Even with only the those two singles and her happy life with Gerard Pique and their new children, Shakira has clearly enjoyed 2016.

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